Genuine salt cave

Why the Genuine Salt Cave is the right cave for you

IMG_2090The healing benefits of salt and its minerals and microelements have been known throughout centuries. The beneficial influence of time spent in air saturated with salt and rich in ions is precious for the body. The minerals obtained by walking on a beach, especially in the mornings or after a storm, are becoming more and more recognized for their ability to maintain physical and mental strength. An artificially built salt cave also known as climatic-inhalation salt chambers can achieve the same therapeutic results. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to spend several weeks by the ocean, you can certainly benefit the same way by visiting the Genuine Salt Cave in your location. One of them is located in a suburb of Bratislava in Lamac. In this cave, there is a unique microclimate, marked with exceptional bacteriological cleanliness, proper humidity and temperature. A three weeks stay by the ocean is equivalent to 7 – 10 visits for 45 minutes in a salt cave.

  • Using patented technology, the Genuine Salt Cave is made only from natural, hazard free materials.
  • All the walls and the ceiling are made from cement stucco mixed with salt. All the walls are well covered by 14 tons of rough salt stones in all kinds of pink and white shades brought from Pakistan and Poland (Klodava). The floor is covered with a 5-centimeter thick layer of crystal granulate salt from Ukraine (Solotvino).
  • Cascading waterfalls stabilize the ideal humidity of 45 – 60 %. Water in the waterfalls is also mixed with salt from the Dead and Black Seas. Thus the evaporating salt from waterfalls adds even more salt and precious elements to the air.

The high concentration of salt, the unique microclimate rich in minerals and micro-elementary particles and the pure air saturated in minerals and microelements, is achieved by using tremendous amounts of salt from different parts of the world. The specific level of humidity lets loose iodine and precious elements like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and many other into the air which are naturally absorbed into the human body during the therapy by breathing this saturated air into ones lungs. By absorbing these precious elements into the human body, one can prevent diseases, and maintain healthy body, mind and spirit in all ages. Our Salt Cave is also safe for pregnant women and for women who are breastfeeding, where as medications rarely are.

  • The ideal temperature of 21 °C (70 °F) is achieved by air conditioning in summer and heated floors in the winter.
  • Sterilization of the Genuine Salt Cave inside is achieved by using an ultra-violet lamp, which is turned on after each treatment. Ultra violet light kills all viruses and harmful bacteria that might occur in the air and therefore increases protection of the next clients to come.
    Air circulation is established by using the latest air cleaning technology today. By this one-of-a-kind technology, the entire air in the Genuine Salt Cave is cleaned 5 times per hour. Air is filtered through specific air filters that are designed to clean pollen and the smallest dust particles in the air.
    All visitors are provided with disposable covers to cover theirs shoes.
  • One can comfortably relax during the procedure inside of the Genuine Salt Cave on adjustable chairs. In sensation of cold, one can use blankets to stay comfortable.
  • The natural therapeutic values of the Genuine Salt Cave are enriched by relaxing music and color-therapy.

IMG_2025Our Genuine Salt Cave is recognized as one of the best natural healing methods called “Halotherapy” (halos in Greek means salt) – sametimes also called “Speleotherapy” (speleos in Greek means a cave). Its unique microclimate, marked with exceptional bacteriological cleanliness (almost 0 % of air born bacteria, viruses, allergens), advantageous negative ionization, essential minerals, proper humidity and temperature, allow the human body to fight and tremendously decrease the alarming stage of allergies and asthma. In acute stages of respiratory allergies and asthma, salt therapy is able to decrease reactions to allergens and in some cases decreases medication. In chronic or sleeping stages of allergies, using the salt therapy, client benefits from strengthening his/her immune system and respiratory tract.

In all cases mentioned above, salt therapy represents only a positive regenerative reaction in sleeping stages of allergies and as well as in secondary prevention of upcoming acute stages of disease.

Secure use of Genuine Salt Cave in Lamac and its positive regenerative influence on the human body is included in the Protocol of exams issued by the Health & Medical department of Slovakia (Urad verejneho zdravotnictva Slovenskej republiky). Regularly, the quality of the air in the cave, the microclimate, the salt water in the waterfalls, and samples from the walls is checked. All of the results done in the cave are written in the Protocols of exams. According to them “tested quality and purity of air inside of cave, microclimate, salt water in waterfalls, samples of walls and ceiling are without pathogenic organism and together with temperature and air circulation it creates appropriate conditions for declared activities.”

All of you are welcome to our Genuine Salt Cave, which is ideal for relaxation and recreation, has the therapeutic values on physical and mental stages of the human body of any age and also brings joy and love into your heart and life.

  • Address

    Studenohorská 2/D
    Bratislava - Lamač
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    Tel.: 0905 841 921
  • Admission

    Family: 35,00 €
    Rental: 60,00 €
    Schools: 5,00 € per child
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    Opening hours

    Tuesday - Sunday
    10:00 - 12:00
    15:00 - 20:00

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