Tea room

To each proper cave there also belongs a tea room.

IMG_2043Relax in the Genuine Salt Cave. Then enjoy a moment of calmness in the tea room and allow yourself a cup of quality tea or coffee.

In our offer you can find several kinds of tea: black, green, white, Mate, Rooibos, fruit and herbal; coffee, drinks for children…


  • Address

    Studenohorská 2/D
    Bratislava - Lamač
    Mini map

    Tel.: 0905 841 921
  • Admission

    Single entry: 10,70 €
    prepaid ticket (5 entries): 48,50 €
    Children until 6 years: free
    Children 6-14 years: 5,50 €
    Prices and discounts

    Opening hours

    Monday - Friday
    10:00 - 12:00
    15:00 - 20:00

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  • True Colloidal Products

    Koloidné striebro Purest Colloids produce the true colloidal products which provide the highest level of effectiveness.