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Remember that only and solely our mind creates the reality around us
and if we want to change the reality, we have to change ourselves,
our thoughts, our internal stance. To change only external
world without an adequate inner change is a loss
of time and energy. We have to change our
imaginations, our emotions, our thoughts
and transform fears, anger and other
negative emotions into love.
The future is created by
you by your thoughts and nobody,
no person can change anything about it.

Once we understand the realization and presence of Light that only through
love and by using peaceful methods we can reach our goal,
peace and love will reign in our heart
and we will draw closer
to Light and to
our goal.

Psychic Healing With Petra

For more information about activities of Petra Staskova, her abilities, work, seminars schedule and appearances, please visit her official website:

Consultation with Petra

Petra is adamant that you benefit from your experience with her. Her greatest reward is helping people to see, to learn Contacting and to overcome life’s difficulties.

Contacting Petra is free. Begin by sending an email to her at staskovaps@hotmail.comdetailing your story or question about your health. She will then instruct you further on whether an in-depth consultation / healing is necessary. Petra will also include the charges in the mail.

Please include your name, your birth date, your city and your specific concern in your email to Petra at

Charges for phone consultations, face-to-face consultations and healings vary depending on need and duration.

Petra guarantees the satisfaction of her clients.

Sports injures healing

Petra has been working with athletes for over 5 years. Being a professional athlete for over 15 years herself, she understands the importance of injure free training, how to be able to avoid injures, mental focus, diet, how to use a universal energies during workouts and races.

She is able to help athletes to achieve the best performance at the specific time. For 2 years (2002 – 2003) she was helping athletes to overcome sport injures at Minot State University. Their men cross country team won 2 titles back to back in 2002 and 2003. Currently she is working with cross country and T&F athletes at Virginia Intermont Collage on a daily bases. Petra is able to heal most of the sport injures in a very short period of time so her athletes miss only a few days of training if necessary.

Petra’s Spiritual class:

You should come to Petra’s classes if you are tired of going in circles and want to understand why you are here on this planet. You should attend if you want to know what your real purpose is here on earth and if you wonder how you can break the circle of reincarnation and never be born here again.

You will learn why meditation is illusion, how you can heal yourself and send energy to mother Earth, how to make your personal healing essences capable of heal anything in matter in the present time, and more…

Petra’s classes will teach you about all those things.

  • Address

    Studenohorská 2/D
    Bratislava - Lamač
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    Tel.: 0905 841 921
  • Admission

    Family: 35,00 €
    Rental: 60,00 €
    Schools: 5,00 € per child
    Prices and discounts

    Opening hours

    Tuesday - Sunday
    10:00 - 12:00
    15:00 - 20:00

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